First price

Sumosho Fuji Shoji Diva First price 2/9

(although it’s still too early for comment)
Diva is an immediate money regulation, and yesterday’s sign is a match place or
sumo place is becoming popular as expected … After all, the polar pattern AM 9:00 comment Diva is an immediate money regulation and the selling price is around 460,000 from yesterday’s sign or the sum total place is decided to win!  The JASDAQ since the initial price is determined relatively early is likely to Fuji Shoji initial price 180,000 (public offering 180,000) so undervalued is there is a downside anxiety is less AM 9:10 comment Diva initial price 460,000 (public offering 200,000)  think VC equity If , at initial price is not too heated thanks to outright regulation  rather be was good .. AM10: 10 comments sum estate opening price 610,000 (public offering 360,000)  prize has been everybody, Congratulations. Diva (3836) Hercules listed AM 8:26 Selling 46 million 521 shares Buy 46 million 521 shares AM 8:37 Sell 46 million 601 shares Buy 46 million 598 shares AM 8:45 Sell 466,000 725 shares Buy 46 million 671 shares AM 8 : 53 Selling 460,000 953 shares Buying 460,000 823 shares.